Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury Outboards on boat in Ravenna, OH

Mercury Outboard Motors

At Ravenna Marine in Ohio

Your boat isn’t the only thing you need to enjoy every on-water experience. There are lots of other investments you’ll need to make, not the least of which is your motor. While some boats come with their own motor, you might have the option of choosing which model you want, so you’ll want to brush up on some of the facts.

One of the most reliable boat motor manufacturers is Mercury Outboard Motors. They’ve been creating high-quality motors for over 70 years and their standards aren’t getting lowered any time soon. In fact, they keep raising the bar year after year. They work to make these machines more efficient, easier to use, and more powerful, which minimizing emissions and noise level. They also make motors for a wide variety of boats, so no matter what kind of power you need for any number of boat models, you’ll find a Mercury Outboard Motors engine to match. You’ll just need to bring a list of needs to your local Mercury dealer, like Ravenna Marine, and let one of our experienced staff help you find a matching motor. We’re in Ravenna, Ohio, near Kent, so stop by today!

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